$1 Offer Acceptance!!

As mentioned in our recent tax highlights update for the week ending November 7th, 2015. The staff of Wall & Associates, Inc. were recently able to successfully negotiate two additional $1 IRS Offer In Compromise settlements for two of our clients.

$1 was accepted on a combined total IRS tax balance of $89,860.55 for a client residing in Ohio.

$1 was accepted on a combined total IRS balance of $16,662.15.

We would like to congratulate the case teams who were able to negotiate these amazing results and the clients who fought right beside us to make these successes a reality. I have attached a copies of the letters forwarded to our clients transferring their cases to the monitoring unit upon acceptance.

$1 Offer Acceptance (00002) (P.1)


$1 Offer Acceptance (00003)


While we at Wall & Associates, Inc can never guarantee a result this low, we can guarantee that we aren’t afraid to argue your case and get you the best result possible given your financial situation and time constraints. If you need the help of the best tax representation company in the industry give us a call at (888) 508 -1135.